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Improved team productivity for content updates and publishing requests at IOS Press
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Autonomously launch new campaign websites with a fast time-to-market.


Dropsolid Experience Cloud to deploy new websites in a few clicks and a custom Rocketship Installer to avoid manually repetitive work.


A huge time reduction. And in addition, an increase in the level of knowledge through the help of our Drupal experts and a reduced time-to-market. All IOS Press teams can now work together on one platform and assured transparency through the logging of all activities.

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Create new campaign websites completely autonomously

As a publisher, one of the organization’s key focal points is managing over 80 journal sites and many more books. There is an increasing need for content, community, and interactivity around journals and specific topics as they want to be the go-to place where scientists find info and collaborate on research around the globe.

Collaboration, maintainability, and sustainability were the major challenges when IOS Press was looking for a technology partner to take their digital platform to the next step. They were working with different third parties, freelancers, and volunteers on a multitude of websites and platforms. There was little to no interoperability between sites, no re-use for other projects, leading to double work and sites that get left behind.

A new website in just a few clicks

The web team of IOS Press can count on the Dropsolid Platform to deploy new websites in just a few clicks. We developed a customized Rocketship Installer for the team, so they can now deploy new websites even faster and without any repetitive manual work. Gradually, existing websites can be onboarded in the new platform.

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The result?

This way of working resulted in huge time-savings for IOS Press:

  • The knowledge level of the team has increased, thanks to the support of Dropsolid’s Drupal experts,
  • The organization can spin up new websites faster than ever before - with a much-reduced time investment,
  • Developers, marketers, and third parties can collaborate on a single platform,
  • The platform ensures transparency with activity logging and review,
  • A new module or feature development on a single site will benefit all existing websites by adding them into the custom-made Installer. No more copy-pasting code.
  • IOS Press can count on the Dropsolid teams for solving ad-hoc support requests.

They now have a single platform and transparent collaboration framework for different project teams to deliver consistent digital experiences. They can collaborate with internal and external non-technical contributors like researchers and editors directly on the platform. This is scalable and maintainable by the internal teams and without vendor dependency. The cost for individual sites on the platform decreases per site which is added.

IOS press sfeerbeeld
IOS press sfeerbeeld
IOS press sfeerbeeld
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About IOS Press

The IOS Press publishing house serves the information needs of the scientific and medical communities worldwide. Headquartered in Amsterdam, and with satellite offices around the globe, IOS Press relies on new technology to power its rapid growth and the spreading of ideas through publications.

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