A good strategy starts with the right scope

Using this canvas, you and your team work together to determine the correct scope of your strategy. Via 7 clear boxes, you clearly define what is - and is not - in the scope of your strategy. 

Take the following 5 steps with your team to get the best results:

  1. Individually fill in the 7 boxes of the canvas with post-its. (15 min)
  2. One team leader facilitates a discussion from boxes 2 to 7. Take no more than 10 minutes per box. (70 min)
  3. Conduct a final discussion on the outstanding points from the previous step. (10 min)
  4. Think individually about box 1 and write down your challenges. (10 min)
  5. Conduct a discussion about box 1 and agree on a final challenge. (15 min)

Tip: Ask colleagues, clients... for feedback on your Strategic Scoping Canvas and review your challenge statement based on this feedback.