OTYS and Dropsolid join forces for best digital experiences in HR sector

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Otys Dropsolid partnership

OTYS, a cloud-based recruitment software for optimizing hiring processes, is joining forces with Dropsolid, Digital Experience Company. By joining forces, they are creating seamless experiences for the HR industry, both for potential candidates and clients.

We notice in the market that there is a great need for optimizing candidate succession by, for example, better mapping customer journeys and deploying the right digital tools to improve the digital experience.

Milou de Hoon

Digital Experience Expert, Dropsolid

Collaboration creates even greater efficiency

By employing smart marketing automation and a focus on personalization, marketing actions become more seamless and targeted. Combined with the OTYS system, these actions run even more efficiently, making lead generation smoother, matches are found faster and the overall digital experience gets a solid boost. The result? Happy candidates and satisfied clients.

Let the collaboration between Dropsolid and OTYS be the key to success. Use marketing automation to measure and increase your candidate and customer engagement!

Thomas van Schaik

Customer Success Manager, OTYS

Right info at the right time

Through lead scoring in Mautic, we check the engagement score of a particular candidate. In this way, we fine-tune the quantity of communication: the right info at the right time.

Finally, together we put digital smarts into the candidate journey. There is often a mass of valuable data available, but in many cases it is underutilized. Through our collaboration, we put that data to smart use, delve into the numbers, and turn them into effective actions with results.

Bundling of expertise: 1 + 1 = 3

OTYS detected a great need for the optimization of digital experiences at their clients. By combining expertise along both sides and the strength of the linked systems, together we are able to make great strides for the HR sector in a short period of time.