Updated 19/08/2022

DrupalCon 2022, hallo Praag! Eindelijk terug een fysieke editie.

DrupalCon, daar kijken we bij Dropsolid ieder jaar héél hard naar uit! Niet zomaar al voor de vierde keer op rij fiere Diamond Sponsor dus. Na 2 jaar, eindelijk terug een fysieke editie, wat kijken we daar naar uit! Op onze booth valt er een hele boel te beleven: een virtual reality competitie, live demo's van Dropsolid Experience Cloud, kennismaking met onze digitale experten... meer informatie vind je hier, en kom dus zeker eens langs! 

Wij kijken er alvast naar uit om te luisteren naar wat er leeft in de community, veel bij te leren en te connecteren met onze klanten, partners en mede Drupal-fans. Net zoals de voorgaande jaren, delen we onze kennis opnieuw in de marketing en technische tracks. Een sessie meepikken? We lijsten ze hieronder voor je op: 

Wouter De Bruycker
Filipe Pereira

The Soudal Story: An Entire Project Lifecycle Case Study of a Global Multi-Market Platform

  • Wie: Wouter De Bruycker & Filipe Pereira
  • Wat: Soudal.com is a project 5 years in the making, spanning 20+ countries, 10+ languages and managing over 12.000 product variations and 100.000 website sessions per month.
    What started off initially as a strategic exercise, went over to development of the Drupal 8 platform and evolved into continuous website improvements and training of the international marketing team of Soudal, resulting in a 400% increase of organic traffic. Oh, and there’s a Drupal 9 upgrade somewhere in there as well.
    The Soudal story is a story of ups and downs, challenges, victories, and above all: a great partnership between a client and an agency. In this session we will talk about the entire project lifecycle: from strategy and development all the way over to maintenance, project management and training.
    We will share practical insights about:
    • The benefits of open communication
    • How to listen and understand the customers’ needs
    • Project challenges (including launching a website in China)
    • Working together towards a common goal
    • How we work as a company
    • Adapting and improving based on valuable customer feedback
    • How we are able to quickly spin up a new market website (we’ll share some technical details for our fellow developers out there)
    • ... and much more
      Get ready for a 45 minute session loaded with practical project details you can use to improve your own company, team, workflow, or just to be inspired! Something you simply can’t find on Google.
  • Wanneer: Dinsdag 20 september 2022 | 15:00 - 15:45 UTC
  • Waar: Room D7

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Inez Declercq
Sara Fiems

Connecting the human dots in a digital world - best practices for post-Corona working

  • Wie: Inez Declercq & Sara Fiems 
  • Wat: The corona pandemic made us contact our customers and/or prospects more digitally (e.g. Sending an email, schedule a videocall, send a LinkedIn message instead of actually going to the customers offices...).
    But soon I ran into a concern, how do I make sure I don't lose the personal connection with my customers/prospects and keep my communication humane? I've talked to some fellow business employees and did some trial and error to connect the human dots into the digital world. This session will provide some concrete examples about human connection in the digital world and finding the right dots in a post-corona working environment.
  • Wanneer: Woensdag 21 september 2022 | 15:25 - 15:45 UTC
  • Waar: Room D4 Pantheon

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Frederik Wouters
Wesley De Vrient

Open Personalization with Apache Unomi & Mautic workshop

  • Wie: Frederik Wouters & Wesley De Vrient
  • Wat: Personalization is a hot topic, but in the era of consent, privacy and GDPR it may seem it is no longer acceptable to do any form of personalization. Personalization doesn't necessarily have to be this evil non-transparent tracker without any advantage to you as an end-user.
    Personalization is a proven easy of increasing engagement when done right. The user feels understood, it leads to higher conversion but it has to be done in all trust and consent. In the recent years many software companies were created to deliver these highly contextualised experiences using personalisation but none of them really delivered the necessary trust so that you could use the technology in the same way you are using Drupal. In the landscape of personalisation there is a new open source player in town and this is Apache Unomi & N8N as integration hub.
    We will interactively explain, by means of exercises, how Drupal, Mautic, Apache Unomi & N8N can be seen as a Digital Experience Platform without lock-in, without handing over your data to a company with other interests to this data.
    The workshop will delve technically deeper in what Apache Unomi is, how it can be used and how personalised experiences can be delivered in way, compliant with the GDPR rulings and with respect to users trust.
  • Wanneer: Donderdag 22 september 2022 | 10:30- 11:15 UTC
  • Waar: Room D3 Platform.sh

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Dominique De Cooman

From CMS to DXP

  • Wie: Dominique De Cooman 
  • Wat: Want to create compelling and personal experiences with Drupal? 32% of all customers walk away from a brand they love after one bad experience. Digital experiences are essential for every business or organization. Making your digital platforms more personal and relevant will result in more leads, more happy and loyal clients and it contributes to a higher revenue.
    In this talk you will learn:
    • the importance of digital experiences
    • what a DXP is and how this differs from a CMS
    • easy tips to turn Drupal into a DXP
  • Wanneer: Donderdag 22 september 2022 | 12:15 - 12:45 UTC
  • Waar: Open stage 

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