Updated 19/08/2022

DrupalCon 2023, hallo Lille! Wij kleuren Frankrijk blauw...

DrupalCon, daar kijken we bij Dropsolid ieder jaar héél hard naar uit! Niet zomaar al voor de vijfde keer op rij fiere Diamond Sponsor dus. Op onze booth valt er een hele boel te beleven: live demo's van Dropsolid Experience Cloud, kennismaking met onze digitale experten, en een lekkere, home made, lokale specialiteit... meer informatie vind je hieronder. Enne, passeer dus zeker eens langs onze booth! 

Wij kijken er alvast naar uit om te luisteren naar wat er leeft in de community, veel bij te leren en te connecteren met onze klanten, partners en mede Drupal-fans. Net zoals de voorgaande jaren, delen we onze kennis opnieuw in de marketing en technische tracks. Een sessie meepikken? We lijsten ze hieronder voor je op: 

Building Engaging Communities with Gamification, Commerce, and Integrations: A Success Story

  • Wie: Sven Van Uytfanghe 
  • Wat: In this talk at DrupalCon, we will share how our company, Dropsolid, successfully integrated gamification, Drupal commerce, and Microsoft Dynamics integration to create a language-based community with a robust role system. We will also discuss the challenges we faced during this process and the solutions we found to overcome them.

    We will showcase the diversity of Drupal and the out-of-the-box capabilities, even beyond the restrictions that 'markets' can offer (i.e. language communities combined with shops based on markets: language/region).
    Topics will include:Gamification

    • API integrations (MS Dynamics, custom endpoints, ...)
    • Drupal commerce and complex market-setup
    • Community, i.e. a Facebook-like environment for users based on language (connected to both Gamification and Drupal commerce)
    • Community, i.e. create content (with a content wizard especially made for basic users)
    • Community, i.e. dashboards with tiles that lead to actions (incentives to earn currency for the gamification element)
    • The creation of a user interface for web admins to create events and their currency in a visual way for gamification
    • Partner portal: a portal for professional partners where they can manage their clients

Whether you're a business owner, marketer, analyst or developer, you'll gain valuable insights into how to combine different technologies to create engaging and functional online communities.

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Bringing Mautic and Drupal closer together in an open DXP

  • Wie: Dominique De Cooman 
  • Wat: This session is about how Drupal and Mautic can form the backbone of an open DXP. It's about how to bringing different worlds together: bringing communities together, developers and marketers together and markets together.
    It's about how we can create a vision where both the Mautic and Drupal community can leverage its unique strengths.
    In this session you will learn how an open DXP creates more value for the end user than Drupal alone or Mautic alone. It will be a part business and part community session. You'll learn about communities working together, about marketers and developers coming together and about developers working on both Drupal and Mautic together.

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Managing technical debt: lessons learned and how modern Drupal helps you

  • Wie: Dieter Blomme & Niels Aers 
  • Wat: Modern Drupal is amazing and awesome, your site can continue to grow and evolve indefinitely. But it also poses challenges. Technical debt is impossible to avoid when working on software and the longer it lives and the bigger it grows, the larger that challenge becomes. At Dropsolid we have several cases with these challenges:
    • Keeping track of technical debt, measuring it and making sure it remains under control.
    • How to make sure clients are engaged and understand the importance of keeping Drupal core and contrib modules up to date?
    • How can you pick up new core modules like media and content moderation when existing solutions are already in place?
    • Can and should you make big shifts like moving from paragraphs to layout builder?

      In this session we will share all the lessons we’ve learned over the years, show some of the challenges we’ve faced and how we’ve overcome them from different angles. Technically, but also regarding client interaction.

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Leveraging contributed modules: best practices with the EU Cookie Compliance module and web analytics tools like Google Analytics and Matomo

  • Wie: Istvan Reszler-Fekete & Niels Aers 
  • Wat: Striving for GDPR compliance for websites is crucial to safeguarding the privacy and personal data of users, maintaining their trust, and avoiding costly penalties and legal consequences.

    In this session, we will share the key takeaways of our extensive research into GDPR compliance for Drupal websites and the different tools to aim for it. We will discuss our decision to adopt the EU Cookie Compliance module instead of relying on third-party solutions and demonstrate how we use it alongside tools like Google Tag Manager and Matomo.
    Our approach exclusively utilizes contributed modules and includes comprehensive configuration options to provide you with all the necessary tools for GDPR compliance while also incorporating user experience improvements.

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