Updated 15/05/2024

2024, the first time sponsoring DrupalCon USA!

Our DrupalCon Portland experience was eye-opening! We learned a lot about the US market and felt incredibly supported by the Drupal community. Thank you all for the invaluable insights and warm welcome. Looking forward to many more enriching experiences ahead.

Marilyn Jeroen DrupalCon Portland

DrupalCamp Ghent, a homerun with 5 Dropsolid speakers!

DrupalCamp Gnen t, something we’re looking forward to every single year! And of course, also a proud Sponsor this year. There's a lot happening at our booth this year: follow a live demo of Dropsolid Experience Cloud, meet some of our digital experts, and even enjoy some home-made Belgian specialty... 

We’re already looking forward to listening about what’s going on in the community, learning a lot from our peers, and connecting with clients, partners, and other Drupal enthusiasts. 

Just like other years, we’re sharing our knowledge in the marketing and tech tracks. Join us for a session? We’ve listed them below:

SPARC: simplifying energy management with InfluxDB, Discord and the ECA-module.

  • Who: Jasper Lammens 
  • What: SPARC is an idea for optimizing self-consumption of electricity. During this session, we'll explore a possible solution for home energy management, designed to simplify the transition to renewable energy resources. The focus is on showcasing the use of Drupal in developing a semi-automation system that allocates energy usage without the need for expensive smart devices or vendor-specific cloud platforms.
  • Target audience: This session is aimed for developers and site-builders who have a clear view on how to achieve a specific workflow, like writing pseudo-code for a certain implementation and connecting the dots to each other. If you already know how to create Business Process Models, you'll be one step ahead of the others.
  • Outline
    • Presenting the problem
    • Discovering and connecting the different puzzle pieces
    • Present future improvements
    • Summary
  • Outcome: Attendees will learn how to ingest data from an external platform to InfluxDB, how to allocate usage of an appliance for a given set of energy and how to show the result of that allocation via Discord.

More about the session

Jasper Lammens DrupalCamp Ghent

Drush for Dummies: an introduction

  • Who: Ivo Van Geertruyen 
  • What: Are you tired of navigating through Drupal's admin interface to get things done? Want to speed up development or just look incredibly cool while typing away at the terminal? Time to stop clicking and start typing: learn how to leverage Drush to build and maintain your Drupal sites.

    In this session, we'll cover the basics of Drush:
    • what is it (spoiler: a command-line interface for Drupal);
    • where did it come from (history lessons, yay!);
    • how can Drush help with coding, building, maintaining, ...;
    • write your own commands.

      9 out of 10 Drupalists recommended using Drush at least twice a day, and studies(*) show that basic knowledge of Drush improves your chances of getting a promotion by 17%!

      (*) ChatGPT et al., "Why should I learn Drush?", 21 Feb 2024.

More about this session

Ivo Van Geertruyen DrupalCamp Ghent 2024

Managing technical debt: lessons learned and how modern Drupal helps you

  • Who: Dieter Blomme & Niels Aers 
  • What: Modern Drupal is amazing and awesome, your site can continue to grow and evolve indefinitely. But it also poses challenges. Technical debt is impossible to avoid when working on software and the longer it lives and the bigger it grows, the larger that challenge becomes. At Dropsolid we have several cases with these challenges:
    • Keeping track of technical debt, measuring it and making sure it remains under control.
    • How to make sure clients are engaged and understand the importance of keeping Drupal core and contrib modules up to date?
    • How can you pick up new core modules like media and content moderation when existing solutions are already in place?
    • Can and should you make big shifts like moving from paragraphs to layout builder?

      In this session we will share all the lessons we’ve learned over the years, show some of the challenges we’ve faced and how we’ve overcome them from different angles. Technically, but also regarding client interaction.

More info about this session

Dieter Niels

Beyond the buzzword: building a practical DevSecOps culture in your organization

  • Who: Mattias Michaux
  • What: Get your cards out, let's play buzzword bingo!

    This session aims to explain DevSecOps, offering a clear, step-by-step guide to integrating security seamlessly into the DevOps lifecycle within your organization. We'll explore effective strategies, tools and cultural shifts that are needed to create a robust DevSecOps environment, specifically tailored to teams working with Drupal and related web technologies.
    This session will mainly focus on the technical and practical steps for evolving DevOps into DevSecOps, but will also cover compliance with directives and standards like NIS2 and ISO 27001.

    Topics that will be covered are integrating security in CI/CD pipelines, pragmatic handling of the pipeline reports, proactive security practices, how to cultivate a DevSecOps culture, ...

More info about this session 



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