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A month ago I received the honour to present at DrupalJam 2017. What a wonderful event! I had been invited to talk about deploying Drupal 8 onto kubernetes, which can be found as a hosted service in Google Cloud.

The original, Dutch version of this post can be found here.

Three main topics for this longread:

Niels A
Drupal 8

One day you might wake up with the next big idea that will shake the world in the most ungentle way. You decide to build an app, because you’ll have full access to all features of the device that you want your solution to work on. But then it dawns on you: you will actually need to build multiple apps in completely different languages while finding a way for them to serve the same content...

Kevin VB

In this blog post, our technical lead Kevin guides you through the best caching strategies for Drupal 8. Interested in how D8's flow has been improved and how to use Memcache for yourself in the best possible way? Read on!

Did you miss last week's Digital Transformation Summit, organised by Digimedia? No need to panic - we have drafted a quick read (three minutes) to clue you up on our CEO's presentation on digital transformation at Boerenbond.


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