Find out more about Dropsolid and Drupal

Dropsolid is a Diamond sponsor at DrupalCon Amsterdam, 28-31 October. In this post, I’d like to share a bit about our vision for delivering the best customer experiences, our open integrated Digital Experience Platform, our partner program, and a special opportunity for DrupalCon attendees.

Dropsolid was conceived at DrupalCon, and now we’re a Diamond Sponsor! We’ll be in Amsterdam to show off the Dropsolid platform and our vision for Drupal. We’d love your feedback. And we are donating 15 minutes of core contributor time for everyone who completes our survey at our booth.

We hope to see you there! Contact us, sign up for our newsletter, or stop by our booth!


1xINTERNET made a great post about calculating how much you are giving back and contributing to Open Source. Open Source makes our business model possible and some people in the company, and certainly yours truly, made a career out of it. Our CEO even started Dropsolid as he thought we could approach this differently.

Segfaults in Drupal are not a common occurrence - but when they do pop up, they can pose some tricky challenges... Our DevOps Engineer Mattias Michaux sheds some light on how to debug segmentation faults.

Digital customer experiences have quickly grown to become a key component of almost any business that is looking to optimise its value creation. In my role as CEO, I witness this change on a daily basis with our clients. Below I’ve set out the three main drivers for investing in your digital customer experience.

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