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The Hidden Costs Eating Overhead and Dev Team Motivation

Amsterdam was our first time as a Diamond Sponsor at DrupalCon. Instead of the usual sort of giveaways, we wanted to make a more positive and direct impact. So we offered an exchange to attract visitors to our booth: Take our survey, tell us about the challenges in your daily jobs, and we’ll sponsor a contributor to focus on Drupal core improvements.

Consider if hidden costs of DIY solutions are taking time away from your core business.

In this article, we’re going to look at the question of whether it’s better to “Buy or DIY” in terms of platform and hosting infrastructure. If you’re looking at the sticker price of paying for a service or building in-house, you may be overlooking the burden on other parts of your company in terms of customer support or acquisition.

In this guide, we will take a broad look across the customer journey and the web development workflow and see where you might uncover some hidden costs. 

Uncovering hidden costs of your Drupal investment

We notice a pattern where customers are surprised by cost-savings, perhaps because they hadn’t imagined things could be any different. 

Leen Penders
Drupal conferenties

My first Drupalcon. Actually my first Drupal community event. Here's what I think you have missed.

I was impressed with the vibrant community of developers, digital agencies and business owners. A lot of content was provided in different tracks, both business oriented as technical deep dives. Drupal trainings were held and there was a lot of active contribution happening at the event. It was so good to see our talented and super ambitious team host several sessions, and obviously it was great fun to be in Amsterdam with the team for the week!

Wouter De Bruycker

Today’s SEO is about more than quality content. You need to provide a user-friendly experience that keeps visitors engaged. Getting it right with Drupal involves many well-known modules, but also some lesser-known quirks and pitfalls you can — and should — avoid.

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