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Thomas Cruysberghs

In contrast to the many boastful claims by the army of self-proclaimed marketing gurus – often bestowed upon the public in the form of unsolicited and wildly inaccurate targeted advertising, which I take as an extra reason to remain sceptical – it can be demoralisingly difficult to set up an effective digital sales and marketing funnel that generates a satisfying conversion rate.

Nick Veenhof

If you depend on your website as a revenue-stream, consider upping your game and investing in a 24/7 SLA agreement for your full stack, instead of the usual 9/5 SLA. The small monthly extra fee far outweighs the risk of losing revenue. Need proof? Read on to find out more about what happened to one of our clients!

Building commerce websites always means building integrations. Every time we work on project that is aimed at selling something (products, subscriptions, paid access, etc.), we have to choose a payment provider that will take care of our transactions.

Be aware, this is a longread with extensive value. Only read this if you are ready to uncover our Dropsolid team's exciting dev tool and platform secrets!


James & Jenny might sound more like a comedy double act or the protagonists of a long-forgotten tale, but they are in fact very much alive and kicking. They are the names we gave to the platforms that we developed in-house to spin up environments faster and get work done more efficiently. How? Read on!


In practice

When going live with a big project, it is all about reassuring the client that the project will be able to handle all those excited visitors. To achieve that state of zen, it is paramount that you do a load test. The benefits of load tests go beyond peace of mind, however. For example, it enables you to spot issues that only happen during high load or lets you spot bottlenecks in the infrastructure setup. The added bonus is that you can bask in the glory of your high-performance code - on the condition the test doesn’t fail, of course.

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