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This Drupalcamp London was a particular edition in a time where Europe was on the edge of closing down all social events due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We had a small team still present in London, and several speakers hosting their sessions remotely.

Our Keynote Speaker, Nick Veenhof hosted his first remote Keynote session from his home in Gent. The keynote was not only given remotely, it could also be followed live from around the globe thanks to online conference tools.

At Dropsolid we have also taken the necessary measures to contain the coronavirus and to protect our people.

We continue to run at full speed, but our teams have been working largely from home since this week. As we are a Digital Agency with multiple office locations we are well equipped for remote working. Therefore, all our clients can count on the same quality of service as before.

Online personalization has become a hot topic. At Dropsolid, we jumped at this opportunity early as a digital frontrunner. Back in 2018, we launched an audacious marketing innovation project that revolved around Artificial Intelligence. Today, we are very proud of our first customers using this technology. Together we prove their business cases for personalization, every single day.

In the face of today’s increasing commoditization, improving customer intimacy is a crucial factor to stand out from the competition. How? By making sure your digital experience is relevant to every visitor, at any time. Digital personalization can help you to achieve that goal.Consumers expect to quickly and easily find what they are looking for. 74% of internet users say they get frustrated when websites show them content that does not correspond to their interests.

We are proud that our CTO Nick Veenhof is one of the keynote speakers at Drupalcamp London 2020. Nick will shed light on how to build an Open DXP and what opportunities it will bring.

Websites are not enough. Business these days are required to deliver highly personalized digital experiences to their stakeholders to remain competitive, and need to adhere to consent management and the GDPR rules, within a reasonable cost. The discontinuation of the CMS magic quadrant in favor of a DXP magic quadrant confirms this trend.

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