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The best digital experiences have set the bar for all digital experiences. A Digital Experience Platform (DXP) can help you offer your visitors a relevant, personal and compelling brand experience. Dropsolid makes this powerful technology accessible for midmarket companies, governments and organizations.

In this post we explain:

Today, Dropsolid is proud to announce that all customers that have a project on Dropsolid Experience Cloud have been migrated to a private GitLab instance which enables in-browser code changes and extensive collaboration options to manage their code

In 2020 we've experienced an unseen digital acceleration. It has become so much more important to connect with your customers at every stage of their customer journey.

Why are Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) becoming more popular? A DXP offers solutions to many marketing and technical challenges of organizations and businesses today.



Just as every business nowadays needs a website, at a certain stage of its digital maturity every organization needs an Open DXP (Digital Experience Platform). This is the only way to facilitate seamless orchestration of digital experiences across all channels at scale.

But what does "Open" in "Open DXP" really mean?



Drupal 7 is being phased out and its official support cycle will come to an end by November 2022. Past that point, your organization will no longer be able to count on official Drupal security patches or any new feature updates. What does this imply for your business? Should you stick with Drupal 7, upgrade to Drupal 8, or take the leap to Drupal 9 and its advanced DXP capabilities? The outcome will largely depend on the current situation of your business.

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