Improve a slow website with a Drupal audit

At Dropsolid, we offer a number of different site audits to assess the different aspects of your website and provide you with advice. Our performance audit mainly examines the speed of your website. Security audits are geared towards detecting potential security problems of your website.

Looking for a preview? Be sure to read these tips from our audit expert Morgan.

Performance audit

Research from Amazon shows that even a one-second delay on their website results in a 1% decrease in sales. Is your website at the centre of your company's sales process, just like Amazon’s? Do you suspect that your website could be faster? Have it investigated, analyze points for improvement and secure your main source of revenue.

Even if you might have the most feature-rich and well-designed website to support your business: if it's too slow, someone else will take your website traffic. Loading timeis even included as a key criterion in Google's search algorithms, resulting in sluggish performance being punished in search results.

Dropsolid maps the speed of your website with a performance audit. We investigate how we can increase the speed to optimize user experience and to guarantee your position in the Google rankings. 

Security audit

A great website with speed and attractive content is worth nothing if it’s not able to withstand external attacks. It’s important that transactions on your website are carried out securely. Otherwise you will lose customers... and revenue.

A simple mistake on your website can have disastrous consequences if that mistake is exploited by the wrong people. That is why Dropsolid offers security audits.

At Dropsolid we are aware of a number of common weak points in Drupal websites. Including websites of which the webmaster was firmly convinced that they contained no errors, our Dropsolid team still found loopholes during security audits.

Our Drupal Security Audit maps the weaknesses of your website and provides you with a detailed report, describing errors and potential pitfalls that were discovered. Our Dropsolid team provides the right advice based on this audit to make your company’s website fully secure . As a next step, our team can help you implement the right solutions.

Architecture audit

If the underlying architecture of your Drupal website is not quite right, it doesn't matter how optimized your code or content is: your website will never reach its full potential. A Dropsolid architecture audit will help you make the right decisions. .

Dropsolid provides a Drupal architecture audit that inspects the different elements of your existing architecture. We examine whether  each element performs to its potential and how changes in the settings influence the overall performance of your website.

One of the unique features of Drupal is the ability to set up a multi-site environment. This approach creates some challenges that need to be addressed to guarantee the speed of your website.

Another example is a website that has undergone many changes in terms of code or content. Its architecture might be outdated and may contain legacy components of an older version. It is recommended to perform an architecture audit for an upgrade or migration of your website.

We sit together with your team or webmaster to provide actionable advice. We highlight all important aspects of  particular issues and how they can  be addressed.

Provide the best possible website architecture and realize the full potential of your website.

Code audit

Looking to optimize the backend quality of your website in order to guarantee the speed and performance of your website?A Dropsolid code audit is just what your organization needs.

Thanks to a thorough and systematic approach to the code of your Drupal website, we ensure that you get a faster and safer website after the Drupal audit. A fast and secure website guarantees a constant flow of potential customers and income.

We also investigate the readability of your code. If other developers need to get started with your code, it is crucial that they can take the lead quickly.

If required, we will investigate whether certain aspects of your website can be moved to modular components, to allow them to be modified, rolled out or switched off more easily.

Upon completion of the analysis, we present you with an actionable audit report. You can use the report’s findings to have us or another partner implement the necessary changes.


Looking for a partner to take a closer look at your website and see where you can do better? Feel free to contact us to perform an audit of your site.