Dominique De Cooman passes the torch of Dropsolid to Anneleen Demasure after 9 years

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PRESS RELEASE - GHENT - 26 April 2022

Dominique De Cooman passes the torch of Dropsolid to Anneleen Demasure after 9 years

Dropsolid is ready for the next steps in her process of growth. After 9 years, Dominique De Cooman passes the torch of CEO in complete confidence to Anneleen Demasure. This shift is taking place with the eye on further growth, a new fulfillment of the CTO position, and the search for additional investments in their open DXP, Dropsolid Experience Cloud.

“Since day one, there’s an amazing atmosphere at Dropsolid. In the past years, we’ve really built on this culture. Our six core values make sure Dropsolid operates as one strong team with 90 employees already”, explains De Cooman. “This loyalty also extends to our customer portfolio. With clients such as Soudal, Pidpa, Boerenbond, and Touring we have built a durable partnership", continues De Cooman. “During the past years, we were happy to welcome new customers such as Tourism Flanders, Itzu, and Acerta, among others. They share the same vision of open digital experiences and jumped on the boat of our own open DXP, Dropsolid Experience Cloud. That’s just amazing." 

“I’m extremely proud of everything we have achieved with Dropsolid so far, but it’s time for the next step. That’s exactly the reason why I’m handing over the torch in full confidence to Anneleen. In the past two years, she’s more than proven herself that she can lead a team, has a strong vision for the company, and can achieve the right results”, says De Cooman. 

Will De Cooman disappear completely from Dropsolid? Not at all. With the departure of Nick Veenhof as CTO, De Cooman is taking over that role. "This way I can focus more on developing the technical strategic vision of the agency with our Open Digital Experience Platform. After all, there is still a lot of growth potential in Dropsolid Experience Cloud."

Anneleen Demasure is ready to take on her new role with both hands. “The thing that really appealed to me at Dropsolid over the past two years is working with and for people. That human and customer focus is the cornerstone of our operation today. In my new role as CEO, both for our digital agency and our open DXP, I am all set to build on this. With our rebranding and the professionalization of our back office, we have already taken the first step that sets us up for further growth," says Demasure. "In the future, I’d like to build even further on our amazing culture with steps towards self-managing teams for example. The broadening of our services is also aimed at the continued growth of our company. In doing so, we will focus even more strongly on our validated DXP vision and the services around marketing automation via Mautic, customer data platform, and personalized omnichannel digital experiences," Demasure concludes. 

Steven Pepermans, co-founder and Strategic Director, is also excited about the changes within the management team of Dropsolid. “The shift from Dominique to Anneleen as CEO is a logical next step in the further growth of our company. This way they’re both in roles where they can play their personal strengths to the fullest. Our company never stands still and is in full expansion. The search for additional investments to further develop our platform is running smoothly and is very promising. This shift within our management team is just one step of many," says Pepermans. 

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