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Webinar _ Dropsolid Drupal Cloud Demo

Curious about the capabilities of Dropsolid Drupal Cloud?

See Dropsolid Drupal Cloud in action! This introduction video will guide you through the most important capabilities and screens. You will get a quick look at the Devops and DXP-ops features while working with projects and environments.


Getting started with a new project in Drupal Cloud

In this video we will demonstrate how to get started with Drupal Cloud.

  1. Create a new project
  2. Deploy your first line of code via Gitlab
  3. Setup multiple environments for development and staging

Deployments with Drupal Cloud

This video demonstrates how to deploy a new branch to a development, staging or production environment.


Synchronize environments in Drupal Cloud

This video explains how to sync a development environment to a staging environment. You will see how:

  1. both the database and the files are synchronized
  2. to log into staging
  3. all these actions are nicely logged in Dropsolid Drupal Cloud

Advanced operations in Drupal Cloud

You've got the basics right? We've got more for you. This video covers advanced operations in such as:

  1. Protect an environment and avoid updates to be done
  2. Clear varnish
  3. Switch PHP versions
  4. Enable SSH

Managing organizations and users in Drupal Cloud

This video explains how to create new users with exactly the right permissions. It touches organizations, users, roles, permissions, install profiles, and servers.



Discover Dropsolid Drupal Cloud hands-on?

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