MautiCon, the very first worldwide conference for Mautic enthusiasts. We probably don’t have to tell you that this event was 100% virtual. You know, 2020. Still, it was certainly a very successful first edition. With no less than 51 speakers from different corners of the world, there was a packed program. And also a great opportunity to bring the global community together for the first time. 



For those who have never heard of Mautic: Mautic is the world's first open source Marketing Automation project. A technology that we at Dropsolid are all too happy to use to optimize our marketing and that of our customers. The main goal of the Mautic community is to support companies in the development, use and implementation Mautic. And to add value to the largest number of participants, with the most varied and diverse backgrounds possible. This is precisely why Mautic is committed to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all. What about MautiCon? This event brings all these Mautic enthusiasts together under one virtual roof to share knowledge, inspire each other and to build on the open platform together.


First edition? Silver sponsor! 

As Open Martech Agency, Mautic partner and early adopter, Dropsolid could not be missing from the sponsorship list of MautiCon 2020. Mautic is part of our open Digital Experience Platform and fits perfectly with our open vision. From the very first edition we chose to join this new initiative as Silver Sponsor


Dropsolid represent 

Among the 51 international speakers, we were proud to announce two hosts ourselves. Dominique De Cooman, CEO and co-founder of Dropsolid, as well as Nick Veenhof, our CTO, had the opportunity to host a live session during the event. 

Mauticon screenshot presentation Dominique

Dominique inspired during his talk with the creation of personalized, digital experiences in Mautic. The real magic? It only happens when you transform your website, CRM and marketing automation into a well-oiled DXP. 

Mauticon screenshot presentation Nick

Nick did a technical session on open personalization with Apache Unomi in the strict GDPR era. He also participated as a panel member on the topic "How to deploy Mautic in a scalable, performant, and highly available configuration". 

A bright future for Mautic

Mautic Project Lead Ruth Cheesly inspired during her session about the bright future for Mautic. Over the past year we have invested mainly in making the underlying foundations future-proof. Technologies in the back, such as Symfony, have been updated to the latest versions. This makes the platform safe, fast, efficient and ready for new innovations. The impact of such fundamental updates should not be underestimated, and it is quite impressive how fast and structured this was done.

The fact that Mautic is now fully on board, promises a lot for the future. Next year we’ll enjoy the benefits: a new email builder and a roadmap loaded with new innovations.

It’s especially nice to see that the community is growing rapidly. This gives us a good feeling about the speed at which we can expect expansions, improvements and novelties. At MautiCon 2020 we already saw many partners developing integrations and plugins.


More of Mautic? Yes, please!

We learned, we networked and we were inspired. We shared our knowledge, met other companies in the Mautic-Universe and provided inspirational talks. For Dropsolid, MautiCon is already on the agenda in 2021!