Dropsolid selected as the inaugural provider for the official Mautic trials

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Trial Provider Mautic

Dropsolid is thrilled to announce an exclusive collaboration with Mautic: the launch of the official Mautic trials, marking our appointment as the inaugural service provider for a three-year term. This milestone follows our successful participation in a comprehensive Request for Proposal (RFP) process, competing against numerous high-caliber service providers.

This collaboration opens a new chapter in Mautic's history, offering an on-demand, user-friendly trial environment for their open-source product. Prospective users now have the opportunity to experience the full range of Mautic's features and benefits without the need for personal installation.

Dropsolid's selection as the leading service provider is a testament to our deep understanding of Mautic and the broader open-source landscape. Our robust infrastructure, which already encompasses most of the necessary tooling, and our strong technical expertise and vision closely aligned with Mautic's distinguished us in the RFP process. Our recent expansion, including opening a new office in the US, reflects our rapid global growth.

Our reputation in the digital experience domain speaks for itself. We are committed to delivering personalized and effective digital customer experiences, aligning perfectly with Mautic's goal to provide a superior trial environment.

A notable aspect of this partnership is the innovative revenue-sharing model. For users who transition from a trial to a paid subscription, 40% of the revenue will be reinvested into supporting the Mautic project, underlining our commitment to the project's long-term sustainability and benefitting our users.

We are excited about this partnership with Mautic, and confident that it will result in exceptional trial experiences for potential users. This alliance reinforces our mutual commitment to solidifying Mautic's position as a leader in open-source marketing automation.

Stay tuned for the launch of this unique trial experience. This is an opportunity to explore, experience, and contribute to the growth of the Mautic platform.