The first building block of my future career

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The first building block of my future career

Time to build my career and time to get a taste of the professional field. An exciting internship is my first big step towards a successful career. I am Omar Jbour, a third year Communication Management student at Artevelde hogeschool and I would like to tell you a bit more about my first internship week at Dropsolid.

From school desk to work field

Communication is a very wide concept, but during my studies I quickly decided that I wanted to work as a digital marketer. The entire online process of communicating is something that interests me a lot. How to build a successful website or how to create a successful online campaign. I've seen terms like CRO and SEA in theory, but now I get the chance to put my knowledge into practice. I am really looking forward to that!

My match with Dropsolid

As a driven student with a passion for digital marketing, I was looking for a company in Ghent. By coincidence, I ended up on the Dropsolid website where I also went through the vision and mission of the company. What really appealed to me was the values that the company promotes. And they are doing very interesting things: Dropsolid offers platforms to clients, and attached to that are several more services such as Marketing Automation, SEA and SEO. I'm familiar with these things, so I really liked that. I also would like to dive deeper into digital strategy and UX. On that aspect, I do think Dropsolid is a place where I can develop myself and explore these things even further.

Working in the field actually feels a bit like studying. From the first day I started at Dropsolid, I got the chance to work with new tools. I thought I wouldn’t begin straight away, but very quickly I got my first assignment as a small warm up exercise. I was a little bit afraid that I wouldn’t be able to ask a lot of questions as an intern, but my colleagues offer a lot of help, that’s very nice.

The building blocks of my career

My first days at Dropsolid meet my expectations towards the working atmosphere. From the first day I was able to start with a lot of stuff, and was ready to dive into all the different aspects of digital marketing. During my internship, that’s also what I would like to learn. So that will be my first challenge. My experience as an intern is not just working for a couple of months, it’s the first building block of my future career.

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