How privacy friendly is your analytics setup?

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GDPR, privacy, and Google Analytics are hot topics. At the end of last year, I even went back to school for a Data Protection Officer Training at the Data Protection Institute. After an intense week with a lot of new information and a difficult exam at the end, I'm now the proud owner of the certificate. It's been a great opportunity to dive even deeper into GDPR and thus guide our colleagues and customers even better in creating their digital experiences.

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Privacy friendly solutions

In Austria Google Analytics was already under discussion regarding the GDPR legislation, in July 2023 Google Universal is coming to an end and we have to switch to GA4, and as you know, third-party cookies are being phased out.

However, it doesn't stop there. At Dropsolid, we are busy creating new privacy-friendly website analytics solutions. As known, we are big proponents of open-source, keeping ownership of your own data and privacy-friendly data handling.


What's going on in the privacy market?

To map out what's really going on in the market around this topic, we developed a short survey to check the needs, concerns and expectations of professionals. Do you have 5 minutes to spare? Then we'd like to hear your thoughts, expectations and plans for web analytics in 2023. Your answers are completely anonymous and will help us better understand the market needs.

Curious about the benchmark results? Leave your details on the last page of the survey. This will give you insight into how other organizations deal with this topic.


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