Dropsolid was conceived at DrupalCon, and now we’re a Diamond Sponsor! We’ll be in Amsterdam to show off the Dropsolid platform and our vision for Drupal. We’d love your feedback. And we are donating 15 minutes of core contributor time for everyone who completes our survey at our booth.

We hope to see you there! Contact us or stop by our booth!


Stop by Our Booth, Help Make Drupal Shine

We will donate 15 minutes of core contribution time for each person who fills out a short survey at our booth (Stand 13, by the catering area) at DrupalCon—one per person.

We didn’t want to be Diamond sponsors just for the sake of it. Drupal and DrupalCon got us here, made us what we are today. We want to make a difference. We asked ourselves what kind of a booth-giveaway would make a lasting impact on Drupal? A t-shirt of just the right shade of blue? ;-) We decided to invest in Drupal, paying a core contributor for their work.


Sponsors are a DrupalCon’s Best Friend

DrupalCon sparked the formation of Dropsolid, and we are very proud to be able to be Diamond Sponsors in Amsterdam this year. I wanted to take a moment to reflect on what DrupalCon has meant for us.

In 2012, after five years as a developer, I attended my very first DrupalCon in Munich. I saw Dries speak, attended so many sessions, met so many community members. There was so much incredible, positive energy; I was overwhelmed.

At that DrupalCon, I met some extraordinary people who helped persuade me that founding a Drupal company was a great idea. The experience convinced me to invest everything I ever owned into a company with Drupal at its core. I felt it was now or never. And so Steven Pepermans and I founded Dropsolid.

Now seven years later, we are one of the Diamond sponsors at DrupalCon Amsterdam. It’s hard to believe Dropsolid can do this. Sponsoring DrupalCon is a dream come true for us. For us, this is already a huge achievement. The very experience of it co-created our company, and now we get to contribute to it ourselves.

We are grateful to be here and want to make a difference.


The Dropsolid Vision for Better Customer Experience with Drupal

At the conference, we want to share a vision for possibilities with Drupal. We see Drupal pinning together an integrated digital experience platform that enables teams to deliver great digital customer experiences more effectively and at a lower cost. Our vision starts with the best practices of working with Drupal, hosting, deployment & development tools, and digital marketing capabilities. It’s what we offer customers today.

Out in the market, these “digital experience platforms” make connecting all the parts together easier. It means you can avoid getting nickeled-and-dimed on individual services and dealing with quirks in integrations. This is all possible right now with Drupal, when you have the skills and knowledge to put everything together. It’s what we do for our clients every day. We build flexible integrated platforms, and we provide training and consultation along the way.

In building these solutions with Drupal, we discovered some best practices, many things that can be recycled and reused, and that there are real advantages and economies of scale. We’ll be talking about that in our talks such as Nick’s talk on improving on-site search with Drupal Machine Learning, and Wouter and Brent’s talk about avoiding Drupal SEO Pitfalls, and Mathias will share the insights we’ve gained in working on Launchpad our Local Development Tool. These are very practical and direct ways to get more out of your investment with Drupal.

But we have a bigger vision. Next we’re working on our integrated service so you can get these capabilities with one offering in Drupal. If you want to know more about this vision, and how to get there today, come along to my talk about Open Digital Experiences to Increase Customer Lifetime Value
You can also stop by our booth to see demos of our Dropsolid hosting Platform, see how to use Dropsolid Personalization, and see Rocketship in action.


Facets of the Digital Experience - Dropsolid Sessions at DrupalCon

Where to meet the Dropsolid Team. In addition to visiting our booth (and making us pay a core contributor!) at Stand 13, we’ll be showing many facets of what goes into digital experiences —investing in Digital Customer Experiences, Search Engine Optimization tips for Drupal—and we’ll be on a panel about local development tools, too.


Stop Buying Drupal Websites, Buy Open Digital Experiences to Increase Customer Lifetime Value

  • Who: Dominique De Cooman, Founder and CEO Dropsolid 
  • What: My talk is a distillation of what we learned about the difference between Drupal being “just a CMS” for “just building a website,” and how Drupal can be a truly comprehensive Digital Experience Manager.
  • When: Tue, 29 Oct, 11:55 to 12:15
  • Where: Room G 107


The Battle of the Local Development Tools [Panel Discussion]

  • Who: Mattias Michaux, Drupal Developer, and DevOps Engineer joins a Panel chaired by Michael Schmid from Amazee
  • What: DrupalCon website: “In this session, creators and users of different local development tools will provide their story of why they made the choices they made.”
  • When: Wed, 30 Oct, 11:30 - 12:10
  • Where: Room G 102


Machine Learning: Creating More Relevant Search Results With “Learn To Rank”

  • Who: Nick Veenhof, CTO Dropsolid, and Mattias Michaux
  • What: A summary of what machine learning is, but more importantly, how can you use it for a pervasive problem, namely the relevance of your internal site search.
  • When: Wed, 30 Oct, 16:15 to 16:55
  • Where: Auditorium


Drupal SEO Pitfalls and How To Avoid Them

  • Who: Wouter De Bruycker, SEO Specialist and Brent Gees, Drupal Architect
  • What: Drupal can be your perfect technical SEO platform, but to get the most out of it, you have to make sure it’s set­ up as it should be for the search engines. We will go into the details of how to detect SEO issues common and rare (on real Drupal sites!) and explain their impact on SEO.
  • When: Wed, 30 Oct, 16:40 to 17:00
  • Where: Room G 102


See you there! Be in touch!

We hope to see you there! Sign up for our newsletter or stop by our booth at Stand 13 and help us contribute!

And remember, we will donate 15 minutesof core contribution time for each person who fills out a short survey at our booth (Stand 13, by the catering area) at DrupalCon—one per person.


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