Turn your Drupal into a DXP to stay relevant

Posted on 1/07/2021
turn your drupal into a DXP to stay relevant

Creating compelling and personal experiences with Drupal

32% of all customers walk away from a brand they love after one bad experience. Digital experiences are essential for every business or organization.

Making your digital platforms more personal and relevant will result in more leads, more happy and loyal clients and it contributes to a higher revenue.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • the importance of digital experiences
  • what a DXP is and how this differs from a CMS
  • 5 steps to turn Drupal into a DXP


For who is this webinar?

Business Owners, Marketing, Sales and Digital leaders looking to turn their Drupal website into an engaging customer experience.

About the speaker

Dominique De Cooman is co-founder and CEO of Dropsolid. For over 13 years, he has been working with companies, organizations and governments to build and elevate their digital customer experiences.