What's the role of a Functional Analyst at Dropsolid?

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Functional Analyst at Dropsolid

I am Sven, active as a Functional Analyst at Dropsolid for many years. My constant desire to make an impact on the customer's goals, combined with my technical Drupal background, is a great added value in my job as a Functional Analyst. When you are the bridge between the client's business logic and the Drupal mindset of the developers, that technical knowledge definitely comes in handy.


The role as a Functional Analyst

A Functional Analyst is the crucial link between the client's business needs and the technical realization by developers. They transform a client's business objectives into concrete, functional website elements. Take, for example, the development of a product overview with filters: the Functional Analyst considers not only which filters are needed and how they should be arranged, but also whether integrations with external sources are needed, for example. Each project offers a unique puzzle, with a different client, subject matter, and approach.


Customer interaction and project engagement

Customer interaction is an important aspect of a Functional Analyst's work. There is intensive contact from the beginning to the end of a project, including workshops and meetings. A Functional Analyst monitors the project scope, ensures the right team setup, and coordinates all involved (third) parties. All tools and technologies must click together seamlessly, part of our job is to figure this out and follow up. He or she is also responsible for the final testing phase and quality assurance and often gives a demo to the customer to explain how everything works.

I really enjoy the contact with clients. It creates a kind of synergy between us and the client to achieve the best result.

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The difference between a Business Analyst and a Functional Analyst

While a Business Analyst (BA) focuses on understanding the customer's business needs and strategy and translating them into business requirements, the Functional Analyst (FA) converts these needs into functional specifications. The Business Analyst works with the client to define challenges and future plans, while the Functional Analyst translates this analysis into practical, technical solutions.

Every project is totally different, and you have a different angle to start puzzling each time: a different subject matter, a different client, a different way of working, a different approach, a different sector...

Collaboration within and outside the team

A Functional Analyst works closely with both external parties (clients, third parties) and internal teams (UX/UI designers, UX strategists, SEO specialists, developers...). They are the link between these two parties and can always count on the expertise of our colleagues. This collaboration ranges from validating high-level wireframes to working out technical solutions with developers.

Functional Analyst at Dropsolid

The path of a Functional Analyst at Dropsolid is one of business objectives to the best digital experience. It is a role that combines technical (Drupal) knowledge with a deep understanding of customer needs, leading to the creation of customized, functional, and effective digital solutions. Each project brings new challenges and opportunities to grow, and the Functional Analyst's role is crucial in ensuring the success of each client's digital needs.

What I really like about my job? Always keeping up with new technologies, developments, and trends.

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