Discover your growth potential with an in-depth Drupal Audit

In our Drupal Audit, our experts take a close look at your architecture. We uncover your pain points, check the quality of your technical ecosystem and draw up a validated report, so you’re ready for tomorrow’s digital world.

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The focus of the audit is up to you:

Performance Audit

Overview of your current website performance and possible pain points

Code Audit

Analysis of your website’s code

Security Audit

Thorough check of your website security

SEO Audit

Check of your search engine discoverability

Architecture Audit

Overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your website architecture

Guaranteed quality


Validated report

In-depth audit of your entire Drupal environment


Transparent and independent

Analysis and testing by our team of 50+ Drupal specialists


Results-oriented action points

Specific action points for follow-up by your own team or our experts


Done with you or done for you

Carry out optimizations yourself or count on the expertise of our specialists

Performance Audit

We dive deep into your entire digital environment, check what’s going on behind the scenes in your website, and verify whether your site is ready to move to the next level. This way, you avoid having to face any nasty surprises in your improvement process further down the line.

We check different areas, including search engine visibility, conversion tracking and technical items. An example? We verify whether your website has been properly indexed and inspect your Google Analytics data selection and settings. We also check for possible technical Google penalties and your current tracking settings. This guarantees a solid foundation for further growth of your business.

Our detailed report provides an overview of possible hurdles on your website and related tools. This includes impact analysis and an overview of actionable solutions.

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Security Audit

A stunning website that’s not capable of resisting cyber attacks? A real shame! We map out your website's weaknesses and provide a detailed report that exposes errors and backdoors. This gives you all the tools you need to make your website watertight. Our experts are also ready to assist with further implementation.

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Information Architecture Audit

A fundamentally sound website benefits twice: firstly from content optimization and then performance improvements. In our Architecture Audit, we inspect all different aspects of your website’s architecture. We check every element and how their settings affect performance.

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Code Audit

Thanks to our in-depth, step-by-step analysis, you can optimize your website code for improved speed and performance of your digital environment. This enables a faster and more secure website.

We also explore best practices for your coding. It’s crucial for new developers in your team to be able to get off to a fast start when they are picking up the work on your website. We find out whether certain parts of your code can be added to a module, for faster deployment, changes or disabling.

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SEO Audit

Online visibility is key. A constant flow of incoming leads is only possible if potential clients can find their way to your website online. In our Drupal SEO Audit, our experts take a close look at your website for an in-depth SEO analysis on various levels. We analyze your content and technical structure and we find out which other elements affect your search results. You will receive an in-depth report with actionable items for both content managers and developers, so they can improve the findability of your website.

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Audits tailored to your organization’s needs