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Breaking records with 10 sessions at DrupalCon 2020

Dominique De Cooman

Yes, we’re living in strange times. We probably don’t have to explain. The lack of personal contact continues to grow. You’ve probably experienced it yourself... A planned video call is really not the same as a spontaneous chat at the coffee machine, right? Now, more than ever, we too are noticing that these personal experiences are becoming more crucial. Personal, physical contact is just not possible right now. In your digital communication, it’s all the more important to respond as personally as possible to the needs, wishes and emotions of your customers, contacts and network. That's why we are very excited that they managed to set up a digital version of DrupalCon Europe this year. This way, we can once again enjoy this close Drupal community, we can meet like-minded people and we can grab the opportunity to share knowledge or to learn for ourselves. We are really looking forward to sponsor, to participate and to speak!


Where it all started...

Believe it or not, the idea of Dropsolid was born during DrupalCon 2012. That's why it always feels a little bit like coming home, looking back to the past and enjoying the beautiful road we've taken so far. After eight years we’re very proud to be a Diamond Sponsor for the second year in a row. And not only that! We just really wouldn’t want to miss this event. Meeting like-minded people, learning from the huge Drupal community and three days of non-stop Drupal know-how: that's what DrupalCon stands for. At the end, you'll know exactly what's going on in the Drupal world. As Europe's top Drupal player, we're eager to talk to the community, learn for ourselves and inspire others. But above all to share our knowledge and experiences with other Drupal fans.


Digital revolution

2020 is the year of digital transformations. Dropsolid also gained momentum digitally. In a very short time we evolved from Devops platform to a future-proof Martech platform. Making developers more productive remains at the top of our list of priorities. Allowing Developers and Marketers to co-create digital experiences is equally important. Nevertheless, improving the end user's digital experience is the key to success. Our innovations contribute to personal experiences across all digital channels.


Dropsolid represent

We already indicated above that as a maker we like to give back to the community. Contributions are therefore one of our most important core values. We actively contribute to the Drupal community with our Open DXP, our Martech modules, constant knowledge sharing and sponsorships of valuable events. With over 75 experts in house, we have an extensive Drupal knowledge base that we like to share with everyone. This year we have no less than ten sessions at DrupalCon to share this knowledge with you. A quick calculation shows that we host more than 8% of all sessions. We are very proud of that.

Don’t hesitate to drop by our booth for a casual chat with one of our team members, watch one of our demos or dive into our FAQ. And while you're there, don't forget to fill out the survey. This way, you can donate 15 minutes of core contribution time to Drupal for free.

Dropsolid DXP live sessions

Dropsolid DXP for business & agency owners
  • Who: Dominique De Cooman, Founder and CEO of Dropsolid
  • What: Stop selling websites. Start creating compelling and personal experiences with Drupal. Learn how Dropsolid DXP can help you move forward faster.
  • When: Tue, 8 Dec, 12u30 - 13u00 (UTC)
  • Where: Exhibition hall 
Dropsolid DXP for marketers
  • Who: Leen Penders, CMO at Dropsolid
  • What: Unlock the potential of your customer data. Learn how to build unified customer profiles and make visitor data actionable across all your digital channels with an Open Digital Experience Platform for Drupal.
  • When: We, 9 Dec, 9u15 - 9u45 (UTC)
  • Where: Exhibition hall 
Dropsolid DXP for developers
  • Who: Nick Veenhof, CTO at Dropsolid
  • What: Drupal is a robust foundation to build your digital experiences. But how do you make that more personal? How can you blend in customer data? Join us for a technical deep dive in Dropsolid DXP.
  • When: Thu, 10 Dec, 15u15 - 15u45 (UTC)
  • Where: Exhibition hall 

Don't be shy, come say hi!

We hope to see you at our virtual booth! 

And remember, we will donate 15 minutes of contribution time for each person who fills out a short survey at our booth. It will only take 3 minutes of your time, but it means a lot for the Drupal community. 

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