LAST UPDATE 11/04/2023

As a Drupal user, you know by now that Drupal 7 is gradually being phased out. Specifically, D7 will continue to be supported until the end of November 2023. It'll have a huge impact on organizations still using a Drupal 7 website. Make sure you take the right steps toward a new Digital Experience Platform on Drupal 9 and beyond.


Good preparation is key

We are aware that this transformation will have a huge impact on your business, budget, and planning. We would therefore like to offer you a handy tool to fully prepare for this switch. Because you do have a number of options. Invest immediately? Wait a while and migrate next year? Or use our Drupal 7 support and don't make the investment until a few years from now? The choice is entirely up to you.

At Dropsolid, we feel that it’s important that you think this through carefully. The time should be right for your company, and you should migrate at your own pace. To enjoy a flawless transition from Drupal 7 to 8 or 9, you need a clear business plan. Never start unprepared, but make sure you have a tight step-by-step plan, provide a financial overview and weigh up all possibilities.


The financial impact of your migration

When including the migration costs in your annual budget, it has a huge financial impact. It’s inevitable, so it is best to start with the best possible preparation. There are a number of choices you can make. There are 4 important factors that play a major role:

  1. Investment

    Which investments do you want to make with your company, what are your future plans and what tools do you need for this? And very important: how does your (future) platform fit within this plan?
  2. Timeline

    What is the right time for your company? Is it better to wait another year with the migration? Do you have other large financial investments that would make it better to postpone it? Or would you rather start the migration right away so that you reap the benefits of a fully updated platform as soon as possible?
  3. Migration cost

    How much is the cost of a migration? And what if you don't migrate? What financial impact will that have on your company?
  4. Opportunity cost

    What is the cost if you don’t migrate, and do something else with your investment money?

Calculate your Drupal 7 migration cost

We know the struggle. Mapping such investments takes hours of time, a lot of effort and a bunch of calculations. We like to make things a little easier for you, and came up with our own Drupal 7 Migration Calculator. You simply fill in the yellow boxes, the calculator does the rest. Easy peasy. It maps out the impact on your annual budget, and helps you to figure out if it makes sense to stay on the long term support.

In the video to the left I guide you through the use of the calculator. I show you how the calculations work, what the results are and what to pay attention to.

Download the calculator

Get started yourself with our migration cost calculator.

Need help with your calculation?

Not quite sure how to use the calculator yet? Still doubting what to do with the result? Or would you like to have an extra sight of eyes to assist you in making this choice? Don't hesitate to contact us.