Liberale Mutualiteit: Customer-oriented platform

A powerful website focused on the digital experience of LMs visitors, of which the content creators have full control.
Liberale mutualiteit


Combine all regional websites into one powerful and user-friendly platform from a visitor standpoint, avoiding duplicated content and equalizing content across regions.

In addition, the ability to manage the website themselves through the various content creators.


A national platform with the integration of regional offerings, services, and information, allowing the end-user to navigate through the website in a smooth way. 

Improve SEO by avoiding duplicated content with smart filtering via Apache Solr. 

Using Drupal whereby the content creators can post and manage the content themselves through different roles. 


A user-friendly platform where users can easily find their way through the information on the website. 

The control of the website in the hands of the national and regional teams and better coordination between them. 

An improved organic position in Google by avoiding duplicated content. 

The organizational structure of the Confederation of Liberal Mutuals (LM) is quite complex. In addition to a large range of national services, the separate regions also offer their own offerings and various benefits. A complicated entity!


The old website of Liberale Mutualiteit

When visiting the old website, the visitor immediately encountered the first barrier: a splash screen with a region selector. If the wrong choice is made here, from step one, the visitor receives information that may not be correct. The mix of regional and national websites created a maze of duplicated content. The result? 70% of the website was online up to six times and in terms of SEO, the regional websites were competing with each other.

Nieuwe Drupal website Liberale Mutualiteit

Time for a change! After a strategic analysis, Liberale Mutualiteit decided to give its website a new look. The goal? Increase the ease of use for all visitors, make the user flow more logical, and bundle all regional sites under one strong national website. 

Adaptations to the website used to be difficult. There was an internal need to work on the website independently and completely autonomously. Both nationally and regionally. 

Digitize, modernize and personalize


Let's go digital. Their physical offices continue to exist, of course. The website is now an extension of that. A conveniently arranged service where young and old can easily find their way around. And all that in two languages, for the Dutch-speaking and French-speaking regions of Belgium.


The looks, they also matter! The smooth look 'n feel of the website encourages intuitive user search behavior.


Because they are a smaller player in the market, LM can focus more on the personal aspect. Because their approach, communication, and services are completely focused on the personal contact with the members. And that is exactly what they want to achieve with their website. The basis for hyper-personalization has already been laid in their new website. In time, the focus can be expanded to include the entire website.

The content creators are taking the helm

The content creators at Liberale Mutualiteit are numerous: there is a team at the national level, but all regions also have their own content creators. Creating, uploading and updating content independently is therefore an absolute must for an efficient work structure. Each content creator now has their own piece of the website and makes changes independently.

A positive evolution that the new website brought with it was the collaboration across regions. A chat group now serves as a sparring channel, the new manual describes how employees should use the platform and content is increasingly coordinated across all regions. Bye-bye double work, hello work efficiency!

Dropsolid's technical team always provided clear, well-reasoned explanations. Everything was presented at the level of the stakeholders so that better, faster, and easier decisions could be made. This way, everyone on the team - regardless of their function - was always 100% on board with the project.

Jana Demeulemeester

Marketing- and communication officer at Landsbond LM

From duplicated content to smart SEO

In the past, all content was duplicated on the regional websites; fortunately, this is now a thing of the past. The problem? The regional websites were competing with each other in terms of SEO. The solution? All content is now only published once on the website. Via Apache Solr, the correct content is filtered so that you only find the information that belongs to that specific region. 

Not only that, the content was also aligned across the different regions. Easier to digest for visitors, less workload for employees, and better for SEO. The internal content creators also followed a number of workshops on SEO-friendly writing

Mandatory region filter

Although the content has been unified as much as possible nationally, there are still some small, and sometimes quite important, nuances by region. The goal is always to give the user the most accurate information possible in his specific region. Because of the small differences, a filter was still the best option. Not as a splash screen anymore, but a little deeper into the site when you are specifically looking for benefits, services, and information about your region.

Functionalities tailored to LM


Office in your area

A quick filter on address level makes it easy to find an (open) office or PO Box in your area. 

Extra handy: you can also immediately see whether the office is open or not thanks to a clear label. 


Smart footer

The footer is more important than you think. At Liberale Mutualiteit, the footer adapts to the content of the page. 

Per region, you automatically get to see the correct contact information for your region. Handy!


Clear blog overview

Filtering, super convenient. Also on the blog of Liberale Mutualiteit. Per theme you filter the overview so you get a quick and easy overview of relevant information.


Central search function

The new search function makes it quick and easy to find the info you're looking for. 

Content creators also easily exclude pages that should not be found. 



Liberale Mutualiteit's service goes a long way. And now also via chat. Per region they choose whether they want to activate this function and on which pages. In this way, they put their personal aspect in the spotlight even better.


Scheduled publishing

Special actions or time-bound pages can be easily put online and offline by the convenient scheduler.


Advanced search function

The search function was further improved and optimized with autocomplete and a spelling corrector. This makes it even easier for visitors to find their information.


Central notifications

Emergency messages can now also be placed on the general home page of the website with the click of a button. Through a central system, the content creators decide when the message should be shown and what the message is.


Cookie compliance

Not another buzzword, yet very important: the privacy of their users. Through a Google Tag Manager Integration, cookies are placed and accepted.

Liberale mutualiteit nieuwe Drupal website in verschillende formaten

The result?

  • A user-friendly website where users can easily find their way through the services, offerings, and information provided. 
  • National and regional teams that can easily manage their content completely independently
  • The teams work better together thanks to the coordinated content. Both regionally and with the national team. 
  • An SEO-optimized website without duplicated content. 
  • The unburdening of the admin department because the visitors themselves can more easily find an answer to all their questions through the logical structure of the website. 
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About Liberale Mutualiteit

The Liberale Mutualiteit (Mutualité Libérale for French-speaking Belgium) is a Belgian group of health insurance companies. The parent organization is the Landsbond van Liberale Mutualiteiten. 

An LM health insurance fund has various functions. Among other things, you can go there for the reimbursement of medical care, benefits, extra allowances and premiums, insurance...