TVH: multilingual Drupal-platform

How TVH boosted its web team's performance with Dropsolid
TVH - Dropsolid


Convert the multilingual website to Drupal architecture with the integration of its own ERP and CMS system.


A Drupal website that is ready for the future and fully integrated with its own ERP and CRM solutions.


Significant productivity improvement for internal IT teams, uninterrupted flow with no website downtime during migration, and a boost in marketing team efficiency by having all content management in one central platform.

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A stable and multilingual website

TVH was running a complex multisite environment on Drupal 7. The company was looking to integrate its ERP and CRM platforms and, at the same time, move to Drupal 8. The main aim was to start running a more powerful, easy to use and future-proof digital platform that would be able to push updates in the production environments without affecting the user experience on the live websites. On top of that, the internal marketing and IT team wanted to take more ownership of the websites and online campaigns.

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Agile approach

Dropsolid started with the introduction of an agile approach with an on-site Drupal Expert. This quickly developed into a continuous collaboration, which led to a number of key results.

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    The result?

    • TVH now runs a future-proof Drupal 8 environment on the Dropsolid Platform that allows the team to manage 60 countries and 40 languages, all fully integrated with existing ERP and CRM solutions.
    • Significant productivity increase for the internal IT teams: they can rely on the Dropsolid Platform to install, update and manage additional sites.
    • Content and marketing teams maintain all content through a centralized platform, drastically increasing the team's efficiency.
    • TVH relies on Dropsolid's Drupal-optimized hosting, guaranteeing quick fixes for global security vulnerabilities.
    •  A continuous improvement flow allows for migrations and updates without any downtime on production sites.

    Additional websites and languages can now easily be added by TVH’s team: they are safe in the knowledge that they can rely on a platform that is scalable, secure, and fully integrated with TVH's ERP and CRM platforms.

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    About TVH

    TVH is a global one-stop shop for parts and accessories for material handling, industrial and agricultural equipment. It acts as a prime example of a strong family business, with its roots in West-Flanders. TVH aims for excellent customer satisfaction by offering the right product at the right price with the guaranteed best service.

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