How to input content according to SEO best-practices?

For almost all websites SEO is of the utmost importance, because you obviously want your target audience to be able to find your website via search engines like Google.

To achieve this your website needs to be technically sound but of course the content you're inputting yourself also has a big impact. Be sure to keep SEO in mind when updating content or preparing any kind of go-live of new web platforms, websites or webpages.

SEO best-practices

Below you can find a couple of links to SEO best-practices related to content-input


SEO content checklist

Every content editor should know the SEO-basics: unique titles, meta descriptions, ALT-tags, etc.

6 crucial SEO tips for website images

SEO-optimized images

Images have a very big impact on site speed (and SEO). Make sure all your images are optimized according to SEO best-practices.


SEO training

Would you like more info on how to improve your organic visibility? Maybe our SEO copywriting training could come in handy!