SEO Audit: a complete SEO analysis and report for your organization.

Dropsolid’s SEO audit thoroughly investigates your online visibility. Our SEO experts analyze your environment from technical, content and strategic perspectives. The result is an in-depth report with actionable tasks to increase your organic website traffic.

3 pillars for every SEO audit



Content, strategic placing of keywords, and website layout.


Technical framework

SEO-friendliness of the technical setup of your website.


External factors

Backlinks and other off-page elements that influence your SEO results.

Frequently asked questions about an SEO audit

What types of SEO audits are there?

We offer two types of SEO audits: the fundamental audit and the complete audit. More information on both types can be found lower on this page.

Who will conduct the SEO audit?

Our SEO audits are carried out by experienced experts who also regularly share their knowledge at industry conferences.

Can't I just use a free online tool instead of paying for an SEO audit?

Definitely! There are numerous online tools that do an automated check of a series of SEO factors. If you haven't put any effort into SEO yet, this can be a good starting point. We like to make it easy for you, these are a number of free SEO audit tools:

However, these tools do not go beyond checking the pure SEO basics ("does each page have a title", "is there a meta tag present", ...) and are logically not personalized. They do not include keyword research, competitor research, or in-depth content analysis, which rather limits their real value.

Can you guarantee a top position for my website?

The answer is simple: nobody can guarantee a top position in Google. Be aware when a party does ensure this, because they might use techniques that do not fall within Google's quality guidelines (which might give you a boost in the short term but could get you excluded from Google in the long run).

We can guarantee that our SEO audit is worth the investment and that implementing the action points will result in a better website and higher rankings in search results. Listen to what our clients have to say about it!

Is the result of the audit the same as a tool like Semrush or Ahrefs?

No, although there is a certain overlap here and there.

Our SEO audits are carried out by SEO experts who make a tailor-made analysis and present it to your team, so that you know perfectly what the logical next steps are to take. These analyses are based on knowledge and expertise, but of course also on SEO tools that we actively use ourselves. These are tools such as Semrush, Ahrefs, SERanking, Moz and the Screaming Frog SEO Spider (one of our favorites).

So these tools will be covered but are not a replacement for the audit itself.

If you have an SEO expert in your marketing team, such an SEO tool can be sufficient because he or she can also elaborate analyses based on these tools.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your case! We also offer SEO workshops or trainings to learn how to use tools such as Semrush.

What after the SEO audit?

After the SEO audit has been carried out and we have presented everything in detail, the next step is to effectively implement the action points it contained.

Since the SEO audit is very comprehensive, the action points will be picked up by different departments within your organization:

  • The (internal or external) marketing team
  • Webmasters, copywriters, and content editors who work with the content of the website
  • Technical website and web server partners
  • Developers who work on your website

Content of the SEO audit

Keyword research and analysis

We do extensive keyword research based on your current website, your online goals, your customers' needs, and your main competitors.

We measure how well your website is currently ranking for these keywords and how your competitors are doing, of which you will receive a complete overview.

On-page content SEO audit

An analysis of the structure, meta tags and effective content of the website and web pages.

Technical SEO audit

We dive into the source code and view ("crawl") the website just like Google does. We detect technical errors and see if there are possible optimizations on a technical level that have an impact on your organic findability.

Core Web Vitals audit

An audit of the Core Web Vitals (or "site vitality"). These are SEO factors Google introduced in 2021 that measure the quality of the User Experience and keep evolving over the years.

Search engine experience check

We analyze the current search engine experience: what search results are shown for your keywords? Does your website fit the bill?

Google penalty audit

A Google penalty (or "manual action") is detrimental to your online visibility. We check whether there are currently (or in the past) such penalties and give advice on how to fix them.

Off-page SEO audit

Some SEO factors are independent of your website itself. We make a thorough analysis and roadmap to bring your backlinks and link building efforts to the next level.

E-E-A-T audit

E-E-A-T stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness and includes all kinds of factors that can be measured in a (mostly) objective way to determine the quality of your content.

These not only have an impact on your organic visibility but also on the conversion rate of your website.

Analytics and Search Console audit

What good is Google Analytics data if bots are also counted in the website statistics? Are all conversions set up (correctly)? Is it easy to interpret data? What can we learn from the data contained in Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools? ...

We answer all these questions (and more) in the Analytics and Search Console Audit.

Which audit suits your business?

We have two types of SEO audits: the fundamental SEO audit and the complete SEO audit.

The same experts, the same in-depth analyses, but different deliverables. Our SEO experts always meet with you in person at your offices to present their findings.

Keyword research and analysis
On-page content SEO audit
Technical SEO audit
Core Web Vitals audit
Search engine experience check
Google penalty audit
Off-page SEO audit 
E-E-A-T audit (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) 
Analytics and Search Console audit 

SEO-report with detailed descriptions of the research, results and actions to take (what, why, how)

Presentation of the audit by a Dropsolid SEO-expert


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