SEO Audit, a full SEO analysis and report for your organization.

Dropsolid’s SEO audit thoroughly investigates all your search engine optimization. Our SEO experts analyze your environment from technical, practical and, strategic perspectives. The result is an in-depth report with actionable tasks.

3 pillars for every SEO audit



Content, strategic placing of keywords, and website layout.


Technical framework

SEO-friendliness of the back-end of your website.


External factors

Strategic and other elements that influence your SEO results.

Which audit suits your business?

Dropsolid’s SEO audit is available in both light and full editions. The same experts, the same in-depth analyses, but different deliverables. Our SEO experts always meet with you in person at your offices to present their findings.

Are you looking for an additional report with action points for your development and marketing teams, in addition to our experts’ PowerPoint presentation? Then our full audit is just right for your organization. Looking to stick with our overview? Look no further than our light audit.

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