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At Dropsolid we believe in the employees of the future. You! Ready for a challenging internship in a growing MarTech company?
Stage bij een Marketing, Technologie bedrijf - Dropsolid

The start of your professional career!

Ready for a taste of real working life? We'd love to help you with that! Every year, we mentor several students across our departments. Brand new marketeers, developers, HR officers, sales advisors, strategists, analysts... join our teams for a few months. Together with your Dropsolid mentor, you will map out your own path, take care of challenging projects and learn the tricks of the trade.

This is what we promise your during your internship:


Hybrid working

In consultation with your mentor at Dropsolid, we will look for the best workplace for you. At home, at our office in Ghent, or even with our colleagues in Hasselt or Antwerp.


You're one of us!

With us, you are not an errand boy or girl. You'll rotate as an internal team member and work on real projects for Dropsolid itself or for one of our clients.


Draw your own path

Together with our team, you will choose a path within Dropsolid that best suits your interests, needs, and strengths. Together we will make your internship an unforgettable success!


The real working life

A job, that's not just work. During your internship, we like to give you a taste of the total package. This includes tight deadlines, fun projects, and great challenges. But also team events, after-work drinks, and happy hours!

Interested in an internship at Dropsolid?

Feel free to leave your details using the button below. Our HR team will contact you as soon as possible about the next steps in your career.

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Invasion of the interns

Invasion of the interns

Our vision of sustainable business translates to our employees. We invest not only in the future of our company but also in the employees of tomorrow: interns.

The first building block of my future career

The first building block of my career

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