Drupal 7's End-of-Life extended to November 2023

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Drupal 7 extended to 2023

Instead of a Drupal 7 exit with a hard end-of-life date in November 2022, the Drupal Community decided yesterday to postpone this date to November 2023. This drastic decision was made mainly because figures show that 54% of Drupal websites currently still have Drupal 7 as their core. A lot of these may no longer be maintained, yet the risk is too great to expose the active Drupal 7 websites to a security risk.

Will Drupal 7 remain supported?

During this support extension, Drupal 7 will continue to receive security updates, with releases published as usual on Drupal.org and available in the update manager. The current end-of-life date is cancelled and extended to at least November 2023. The Drupal Project Lead (Dries Buytaert), the Drupal Security Working Group and the Drupal Association will meet on a regular basis to evaluate the state of Drupal 7 based on a number of criteria yet to be determined.

Watch out! PHP 8 is coming. That will inevitably cause a whole bunch of modules to be unsupported in Drupal 7 if they are not updated as well. That can give a very urgent reason to start your migration to Drupal 9 today. So don't wait too long.

Exclusive D7ES service from Dropsolid

Dropsolid was one of the first European partners with the ability to offer extended support for Drupal 7. With the recent announcement, this offer expires to our customers. As Drupal experts we do want to point out the risks of Drupal 7. We still stand by our position that switching to a newer version of Drupal is the best solution in the short term.

PHP 8 is coming and PHP 7.4 will no longer be supported at the end of 2022. So if your partner or your own development team has written Drupal code themselves, you should invest in this as well. At that point you will choose the option where you'll get the most ROI, and then Dropsolid believes that switching to Drupal 9 is a smarter investment.

If you still stay on Drupal 7, then by the end of November 2022 your website will no longer meet the necessary security requirements. At least if you don't make a solid investment in PHP 8. If you update everything, you can postpone this until November 2023. The future after that is very uncertain.

4 reasons for switching to a newer version of Drupal in the short term


6 months for a new website? That's tight! 

When the Drupal Community decides to stop supporting D7, you only have 6 months to switch to a newer version. In this period you need to find a suitable partner, prepare your business case, prepare your migration and launch a new website. You already feel it, that's very tight!

Drupal 7 knowledge of developers fades

New websites are made in more recent versions than Drupal 7. The more time passes, the more knowledge developers lose about Drupal 7. So guaranteeing the security of your Drupal 7 website becomes increasingly difficult.

You get stuck in a less modern website

Newer versions of Drupal work with modern designs, give content editors more freedom, and cater to today's visitor expectations. If you stay stuck in Drupal 7 for too long, your website will no longer be able to provide the best customer experience for your visitors.

Layout Builder in Drupal 9

With Layout Builder, your content editors manage the entire website, so you save a lot of time and money for your developers.


Read the Drupal press release.

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