Belgische Bank: transparent, agile collaboration

Transparent agile collaboration on Dropsolid Platform for decreased time-to-market.
Belgian bank dropsolid


A powerful platform with an excellent user experience for all the different target groups with enough freedom for the marketers to manage content and pages themselves.


A modular Drupal website with advanced content moderation with different permission levels.


A solid Drupal infrastructure and modular site-building. All centralized in Dropsolid Experience Cloud and the setup of integrations with internal systems.

A customer-centric online experience

The bank's far-reaching long-term digital strategy implied a revamp of its digital environment. All three main websites - corporate sector, consumer banking, and online banking - were analyzed and redone. To maintain digital banking leadership for years to come, the bank was looking for a scalable platform that would be future-proof. Time to market and reliability on project timelines are crucial in their industry, as well as quality and transparency. To facilitate this major overhaul, an agile triple-tandem between the bank, Dropsolid, and a marketing agency set to work.

The most crucial needs were as follows:

  1. A full redo of the User Experience (UX), based on different target groups.
  2. The need for the internal marketing team to take back control, so they could set up landing pages, campaigns, and other content without intervention by the IT team.
  3. Integrations of external tools and custom items - for example, a mortgage simulator.
  4. Enabling the transition to modular site-building.

We delivered a modular Drupal 8 website, based on Paragraphs, with advanced content management workflows and easy to reuse integrations of external tools, such as mortgage simulators. The platform is integrated via APIs with event and training management programs. It offers a customer-first experience.

  • Vastly improved UX and target group segmentation,
  • Avanced content moderation with specific function-dependent user rights,
  • API integrations for external tools,
  • Easy re-use of tools, e.g. a mortgage simulator and credit card comparison tool.

Concept and design partnership

We reworked both the consumer and business-oriented digital environments, using highly specific and customer-oriented wireframes that were easy to assemble and future-proof, thanks to the modular structuring of the back-end. We put great emphasis on re-using different blocks (e.g. forms, text blockx, predefined blog structures and calculators. Agile development proved crucial in the successful delivery of a complex web project that required front-end, back-end and internal input to work together seamlessly.

Drupal 8 infrastructure

All back-end development is centralised through Dropsolid Experience Cloud. This allows us to reuse features and modules and implement best practices - all core capabilities of the flexible and open-source Drupal 8 platform. On top of that, integrations with internal systems allow for easy event and training management and control over user accounts for employees. Streamlining is key for all day-to-day processes: both content marketers and back-end developers need to be able to focus on their own strengths. The James PaaS solution is scalable and provider-independent, giving the bank the necessary freedom to choose its secure hosting provider of choice.

Agile project follow-up

A first-stage functional analysis led to the creation of development sprints, each containing clear deliverables. Changes that occured during the project implementation were easily swapped with pre-planned features, thanks to the agile way of developing. Every single sprint can be monitored and provides concrete business value to the end product. The project is continuously improving to date.

The result?

The Dropsolid Platform has drastically decreased the time-to-market for new digital capabilities.

  • The internal web team collaborates with the Dropsolid Service Team in an agile and transparent way. Progress can be tracked in real-time and the web team can collaborate through the platform for content delivery and fine-tuning of particular features and pages.
  • Quality of delivery and implementation has improved through best practices, available out-of-the box on our Platform’s installers.

The Dropsolid Platform’s GDPR-compliant logging provides complete transparency as to who has accessed specific parts of the platform or code. The bank has complete ownership of its platform. It can count on the full set of tools they need to continue building their digital offering. If necessary, the Dropsolid team is ready to assist or to play a leading role in more complex projects.

Belgische bank sfeerbeeld
Belgische bank sfeerbeeld
Belgische bank sfeerbeeld

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