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How EAPHM decreased its Customer Acquisition Cost with an integrated digital platform
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Connecting all international members from 27 countries through a digital platform and further professionalizing their online presence.


A website with over 1,000 published documents that are easily accessible thanks to a user-friendly search engine. And fully automated online membership recruitment through the website, Teamleader, and Mailchimp.


Easily automated workflows, reduced customer acquisition cost, and a smoother customer journey. In addition, non-technical administrators are fully trained to operate the platform themselves.

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Professionalizing EAPHM's digital presence

EAPHM is active in 27 European countries, with a digital platform at the center stage as a tool to connect with all members. Key objectives for improving the organization's digital presence were as follows:

  1. Attract new members.
  2. Distribute large quantities of high-quality content to members and potential members in a way that would be both user-friendly and easy to maintain for the organization.
  3. Automate member acquisition and management workflows.
  4. Further, integrating the digital platform with existing CRM and marketing automation tools.
  5. Allow less tech-savvy site owners to manage all digital entities.
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A phased approach with many small successes

After establishing all objectives and goals, the project approach was defined further in a step-by-step agile approach. This enabled the team to hit important milestones along the way and continuously finetune the websites and workflows, based on new insights.

The new website contains over a thousand publications, accessible through a user-friendly search module. Many documents are behind a paywall and are accessible to logged-in members only. Anonymous visitors can browse the entire library and see document previews. By automating document uploads, the process is now less error-prone and far more efficient.

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The result?

Online membership subscriptions are fully automated between the website (online Drupal forms), Teamleader (CRM application for member management) and Mailchimp (the marketing automation tool used for sending confirmation emails). The workflow includes integrated invoicing, directly from the CRM, and a near real-time member sync.

Personalized emails are sent out for account confirmation through Mailchimp triggers. Only a few critical stages in the process require human validation from one of the website administrators.

Results for EAPHM:

  • Content editors and non-technical site owners were brought up to speed quickly for independent platform management.
  • Straightforward automated workflows for document and membership management result in fewer errors and a considerable efficiency boost for EAPHM's teams.
  • Lower Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)  through automation and integration with CRM and marketing automation tools.
  • frictionless customer journey and efficient browsing experience for existing and potential EAPHM members.
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The European Association of Porcine Health Management (EAPHM) is the community of specialist pig veterinarians in Europe. Its main objective is to provide all European practitioners with a platform for information sharing and skill development. The EAPHM website acts as virtual home to the association and it is a hub and meeting point for all members.

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