Founders of Dropsolid switch to co-CEO leadership for future growth

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Dominique De Cooman, Steven Pepermans

Looking back

Dropsolid exists for 1 decade this year. On March 28, 2013, everything started with a shared vision between Steven Pepermans and Dominique De Cooman. The combo between the two was the main asset: 20 years of experience in digital strategy, UX, and operations, plus more than 15 years of Drupal, tech, and commercial experience. In less than 10 years, Dropsolid grew to become one of the industry's leading players in delivering digital experiences that effectively deliver results.

Meanwhile, Dropsolid consists of two business units: Dropsolid Digital Experience Agency and Dropsolid Experience Cloud, together Dropsolid Digital Experience Company.

Looking today

After 2 years, the founders are taking the helm of Dropsolid back and switching to co-CEO leadership. The reason? Dropsolid will continue to build on its strengths as a Digital Experience Company, both nationally and internationally. One company where service and software go hand in hand. Thus, we are ready for the next step in the growth process.

The next growth phase is in strengthening Dropsolid's core business: from website to digital experience in complete freedom. We see that the demand for digital experiences keeps increasing. Open source technology such as Drupal CMS and Mautic marketing automation on Dropsolid Experience Cloud allows many organizations to go to market very quickly and without lock-in.

Management team Dropsolid

Renewed leadership

We say goodbye to Anneleen Demasure. In the past 3,5 years (of which 2 as CEO), she helped professionalize the organization, introduced multidisciplinary teams, brought the company to a self-managing structure, and put customer intimacy first.

As co-CEO, Steven now focuses on the operational and professional services, while Dominique takes care of the commercial side and the (international) expansion of Dropsolid Experience Cloud.

The founders can rely on a strong Management team that has grown mainly from the internal organization (Dieter, Laurence, Eline and Mattias) complemented by external expertise (Jeroen). We are further developing the governance model of our company according to the principle of 'distributed leadership'. We work with strategic teams in areas such as innovation, operations and business development. With the necessary expertise from the teams, they give the right direction to the company by always starting from the company's vision. This gives employees plenty of room to participate in the company's direction.

Looking forward

Over the past few years, we built strongly on our DXP product and feel that traction and customer satisfaction are particularly high there. We, as Dropsolid, are ultimately true builders. We build digital platforms and products that make it easy for our customers to build digital experiences.

A lot of great customers have already signed up for this, both in Belgium (UZA, Limburg and Kerknet) and abroad (Bundesagentur für Arbeit, Consolid and Swisspost Solutions), as well as partners from different countries (Germany, US and the Netherlands).

Dropsolid thus continues its growth path toward the most open DXP: Dropsolid Experience Cloud. With the ultimate goal: to make it as easy as possible for organizations to provide the best digital experiences for all their stakeholders, in complete freedom.